Writer's Block: Poetry

Today in 1955 Allen Ginsberg read his generation-defining poem "Howl" in public for the first time. It’s hard to imagine a poem having the same widespread impact today. Is poetry irrelevant to the best minds of our generation?

It's not that it's irrelevant, but the poetry field is so saturated it's difficult to distinguish between great poets and great flops. Consider it similar to the music industry, when Elvis Presley and The Beatles hit - it was a nation wide phenomena. I doubt we'll ever see an artist make such a profound impact on the music industry, merely because the saturation has created a sort of 'perfect' search rather than an appreciation for an artists talent. People have so many choices in every art form, that if something doesn't satisfy them 100% they will just move on.

Society today is completely different, constantly bombarded by media and advertising, it's difficult to not question motives behind things. Is this an artistic vent? Or a sponsored attempt at making money from you?

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